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Innovative Documentum
UPDATE 26 June 2011:
Xense Profiler for DFC now free and open sourced
     - see the Xense Profiler for DFC homepage for more details

You have reached the home page of Xense, the Documentum performance experts.

Xense is a research and consulting company specialising in the design and implementation of scalable and high-performance Documentum systems. Our unique approach to system design is based on a detailed understanding of the entire hardware and software environment. We provide your organisation with the best design and implementation practices based on our research and consulting activities.

We recognise that not all systems have the benefit of performance engineered design, so we created the Xense Profiler, a unique Documentum performance profiling tool to assist in tuning your Documentum system. Xense Profiler will allow you to quickly pinpoint the cause of slow response times in your application.