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Xense Profiler
Version 1.4 released 26 June 2011

Xense Profiler is a powerful performance analysis tool that enables you
to analyse DMCL trace files and locate performance data quickly.

Xense Profiler is Windows-based tool that can analyse DMCL trace files generated
by Documentum 5 systems running on any operating system platform.

Features include:
  • Accepts DMCL trace files of any size
  • Reports created in HTML (default), XML or text format
  • API Call summary report
  • Top 10 long-running API calls report
  • Top 20 long-running queries report
  • Query Summary report - reports true duration of queries
  • Correct attribution of API call durations even in multi-threaded WDK applications
  • Filter trace file to show only API calls that generate server RPCs
  • Filter trace file by DMCL thread
  • Detail mode allows raw DMCL trace to be filtered using RPC Only and thread filters
  • Output-to-CSV format option in Detail mode
  • Filter options on DMCL trace files containing multiple user sessions

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