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Tracing levels
Xense Session Manager
This page contains links to articles and downloads. Most of the articles relate to getting the best performance out of your Documentum system, designing high-performance Documentum solutions and performance tuning. Most of our recent articles are now post to the Inside Documentum blog.

Understanding Documentum Sessions
Content Server and DMCL session internals
Article 22 December 2006
Locating Documentum performance problems
The first step in troubleshooting Documentum performance problems
Article 1 March 2005 (updated 23 March 2005)
Documentum job scheduler
A look at exactly what agent_exec does 'under the covers'
Article 15 February 2005
DMCL Tracing Levels
The new version 5 DMCL tracing format described
Article 11 February 2004
Introducing Oracle Extended Tracing
A powerful database performance tracing tool
Article (pdf) 14 July 2005
Xense Session Manager
Manage Documentum sessions
Software 14 April 2005