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The Documentum job scheduler is an essential part of any Documentum installation. Not only does it run the standard tools and jobs required to keep a docbase in proper working order, but for many solutions scheduled jobs are paramount to delivering the required functionality.

The standard Content Server documentation set provides good coverage of the standard admin tools and also how to deploy your own custom jobs, but nowhere will you find detail on the architecture and process flow for the job scheduling run-time. However some times this is not enough. What do you do if your jobs won't run? What about if your jobs don't appear to run with the frequency you expected?

This article attempts to fill some of these holes by explaining the architecture and operation of the job scheduler. The agent_exec trace facilities are used to demonstrate how the scheduler works and what the various parameter settings do.
n.b. all the trace examples shown here are from Content Server 5.2 running on Windows 2000. next