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Diagram 1: Content server process
The Content Server Administrator's Guide hints that the jobs are executed by the agent_exec process based on the job objects created in the docbase but when trying to diagnose problems with the job execution mechanism it is helpful to have some background on exactly what is, or should, be going on.

Documentum uses a process called dm_agent_exec and 2 object types, dm_job and dm_method, to control the execution of jobs. Diagram 1 shows how the dm_agent_exec process is created. When the Content Server starts up it examines the agent_launcher attribute of its dm_server_config object. If the attribute contains the name of a dm_method object, the executable associated with that method object is started.

By default agent_launcher is set to 'agent_exec_method' and the associated executable for the method with this name is dm_agent_exec (dm_agent_exec.exe on windows). When dm_agent_exec starts it connects to the docbase and starts polling for jobs. next