Tracing levels
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Trace Levels
Level 1
Level 2
Level 5
Level 9
Level 10
DMCL tracing levels
Level 1
The text below is an excerpt from a DMCL trace file for level 1:

API> retrieve,c,dm_document
# Res: '0900145280000148'
API> get,c,l,object_name
# Res: 'Blank PowerPoint pre-3.0 Presentation'
API> set,c,l,object_name
SET> my new name
# Res: 'OK'
API> save,c,l
# Res: 'OK'
API> trace,c,0

Each API call generates 2 or 3 lines in the trace file. Each API call contains a line beginning with 'API> ' followed by the text of the API call. If the API is a set call the next line starts with 'SET> ' followed by the value contained in the 2nd argument to the dmapiset function call. The last line of each API call starts with '# Res: ' followed by the return value of the call (surrounded by single quotes). next